d.a. levy Cleveland Poet (October 29, 1942 – November 24, 1968)

im still looking
for a horny white coven queen
who can come in her mind
and let me come with her

(eggcerpt ript from d.a. levy’s SUBURBAN MONASTERY DEATH POEM :  Part I  :  The History)

perhaps a suitable place to begin delving into levy is by clicking here but also get a copy of Zen Concrete & etc. edited by Ingrid Swanberg—a tome which collects much of levy’s poetry, concrete poetry and art, with some helpful and fascinating history. You will need to find it used, copies on http://www.abebooks.com  amazon and such….pick up ‘if i scratch, if i write’ the film about levy by kon pet moon…..you tubles even got itself an 8-minute preview–but please do peruse what you can find of the work and life of this phenomenal poet.

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