William Taylor Jr. San Francisco, CA

Some Things

There’s not much
that ever comes
to anything

and you understand this
more than me.

I accept it in the abstract,
but not so much in the heart
or the gut or wherever it is
that really matters.

The music fades,
the stage is pulled down
and the circus moves along.

There’s just this space now
where some things
used to be.

I guess there’s not much else
to say about it,

and I’m the only one
who’ll bother
to remember.

William Taylor Jr. is a poet and artist from San Francisco. He is like a spider all over the web, and is the author of numerous books, including Words For Songs Never Written: New and Collected Poems (Centennial Press 2007), and The Hunger Season (Sunnyoutside in 2009).

william taylor

William Taylor Jr. with Starling (Poets with Birds Series 2015) by Bree


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