Debut Print Publication ‘LOOK UP AND UP’ by Bree (Pleasureville, KY)


Look Up and Up is the debut poetry collection out of Least Bittern Books, in Henry County, Kentucky, and the poet Bree’s most recent one. The poems pick up where ‘So Damn Sure of Us’ (Night Ballet 2015) leaves off, as Bree recalibrates and finds her permanent address in rural farmlands, staying in a former bordello. She confronts nature, love, faith, magic and renewal. 88 pages (8 is an unbelievable number in many ways and here you get two 8’s), trade paperback, 12 dollars, available NOW!

to order go here

or send check/cash to Bree Bodnar 147 Marcus St. Pleasurevile, KY 40057

or via paypal to

*if ordering outside the U.S. please inquire first, regarding postage. domestic shipping free.

Look for Least Bit titles by Charles Potts (Walla Walla, WA) and Kentucky’s own John Swain- they’re on the wing, so to speak.

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