New Least Bit Paperback “earth notes and other poems” by e b bortz

Excited to announce e b bortz’s poetry manuscript earth notes and other poems is now available from Least Bittern Books.  bortz is a Pittsburgh poet, but he takes us on vast terrain inside and outside the US, as he bikes, kayaks, hikes or drives his impressions to the page. He often speaks from a natural landscape, tho sometimes clearly from his office desk, about man vs. nature and beauty vs. what has been wasted. His perspective is thotful and provocative. They are love poems as much as nature ones. We imagine u will enjoy what he does with words.


earth notes and other poems is illustrated thru-out with full-color drawings by KY poet Bree, one of the editors here at Least Bit. The book is 100 pgs., costs $14. To purchase send via paypal to, or tuck some cash and mail to 147 Marcus St. Pleasureville, KY 40057


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