Beverly J. Wilcox, Cleveland, OH poet



To Be a World

To be a world be honed,
keen and incensed.
Be a casket and altar,
be whatever is sought,
before the seeker asks
for, and be it willingly
that you receive the
punishment of death,

whose cloak is opening,
aroused by your tremulous

Depending On You Dear

i wanted something, but it was the
world, not me, who knew just what
that something was.

i found something inside me i am
the only one in the world to ever find.
it turned out to be it everything in the
world i would ever need,
instructions included.

need not, for what you should discover
in any person, whosoever, on the road
that winds back and fore, through all
eternity, is also thine.

Dear World Be A God, Sough, King
be a god, dear World, a sough beside
a rock stream in Zion. and pray, World,
be a kings swift justice the many, brightly-
colored poor stays them to hilltops,

later called in like lambs, slaughtered
to indicate a marked man and his family
stay here, with every other man,
for each is so marked, and has family
within your vast (your whole) reign,
my World,

for all kingdoms peddle varicolored,
godless anarchies, World, would you,
that I might through such commerce
hear thy rule, and so bend!

or, shackled, proceed without privacy.

Ken Allan Dronsfield (photograph at top of post) is a published poet/author originally from Hampton, NH. He now resides in Oklahoma.

Beverly J. Wilcox is a Cleve. poet. Her work appears in SplitWh*skey, Green Panda Press, The City and other local mags and rags.


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