Do Well of Must

Least Bittern Books founder and editor Bree has released a book of her growth as a self-taught visual artist, from graphic design and rough drawings for her Green Panda Press (Cleveland 2001-still pressin’ on) to more sophisticated studies of landscape, textual plays, mythology, cultures real & imagined and the nude form.

Do Well of Must is part of her Kentucky Foundation of Women’s Artist Enrichment grant project for 2016. The book is 50 pages full color 8.5×8.5″ trade paperback, and includes a personal narrative of Bree’s recalibration in farmland, KY after her faith had been tried, when magic became as integral to her being as drawing.

if you would like a copy, visit the Amazon link above, or use coupon code 2SQK26ZH ofr $5 off here  or send 25$ to via paypal using the friend/family option, or at long last, check/cash to Bree 147 Marcus St. #4 Pleasureville, KY 40057


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