Nosakhare Collins, Edo State poet

What can i do
What can I do when the world is squeezing me to the tuck of my pocket
Like a kid that is just born
Like a piece of shit and stone
Stuffed into the fore pocket
Let me rush away before they intend to salivate me
Should i forsake the world
Should I call for their disappointment
Before they clump me into their mouth
Hell No,
I won’t allow them to fight me
I won’t give them the tenacity to fall me
I whom rather squeeze them first
When I am done in squeezing them
I will pull it out of my front pocket
then I will zip it up with holy prayers of love

Nosakhare Collins says he is, “a nigerian boy born in Esan west local government
precisely Edo State, he loves to write poems, his spoken word had been
heard by different authors across different state in nigeria, Collins
is actually study Accounting in higher institution in nigeria. You can
follow him on Twitter @nosa_collins”


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