Bree Pleasureville, KY poet

And They Are Open

Sun like a yellow scroll
rolls out to summon us.
your approach is so
fresh tracks. but its not
magenta & violet pastures
im after. the hawk has not
even got its red tail yet.
and you close your mouth
to me again. i am no scarlet
corn husk on the greening
path deer take to your
patch of fiddleheads.
your streamy looks
turn algae to stone
and back again,
Young Wings.

if i take you right,
youll be making your
landing in my downy
thighs. if left, it shall
be in sun guise. we see
the same birds because
we have the same eyes.

Bree “L” from her I Hate Love series, one drwing for every letter in the name of the series 4.18.16 Drawn on Paint


Bree is a poet and artist in Pleasureville, KY. She received an artist enrichment grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women for 2016. Her latest book is This Dark Junco Morning and can be bought by emailing or on evil amazon.


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