Bree Pleasureville, KY poet

heats gravity

it is the sixth of July and i am still
feeling patriotic. and i wonder if this
big old oak has as many leaves as
how many soldiers died so someone
could grow in its privacy.



For it is Vague

i wonder that i left the sink running,
but it is cicadas come to make
this morning.

wraiths of rain gas that woke me rise
like shades, gray-violet plumes exiting
a childs perfect soul, really cools
my coffee.

it is your usual morning and all, but there
is a new moon, and it is a force you
cant see.

i blur my eyes on the wall before my bed
and feel nothing clearly. it only lasts a
beat of wings.




Bree is a poet and artist in Pleasureville, KY. She has a forthcoming manuscript from Birds & Bones Press, called I Am Also Invasive (Fall 2016). She is the recipient of an artist enrichment grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women for 2016.


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