Victor Clevenger MO poet

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Bree is a Pleasureville, KY poet and artist


porcelain poem

i don’t wake with hot breath
& hard bones like i once did.

i don’t wake with women &
watermelon seeds stuck to my
skin anymore either.

i just wake soft & clean now,
but i still end up alone in a
bathtub at times,

rubbing myself in ways that
older age & responsibility will
never be able to diminish.

sometimes i never even turn the
water on, i just climb in & lie
flat on my back with the porcelain
chill against my skin,

& imagine your face.





Victor Clevenger is a poet in rural MO. This poem will appear in his forthcoming book with Spartan Press March 2017.  His book (Least Bittern books) Come Here is a visual collection of short poems which really hit.



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