Tom Rechtin Fort Meyers, FL poet

Steven B. Smith from his and Kathy Smith’s blog Walking On Thin Ice

There’s Something Blue In the grass,

A tuft of hair
From a Halloween wig,
Something dropped,
Not an egg shell, though
If I took my glasses
I might have believed,
I might have even believed
That the grass
Wasn’t littered with dusky
Flowers, tempered
In their whiteness
By the burnished nub
Of their stems
And as the light fails
On this day
Of Independence
The lightning flickers, trumping
Our fireworks,
The leafless tree in the distance
On the other side
Of the iron fence, not
Dead, but
Passing through its own
Like a wall,
Its lowest branches
Too far out of reach
To hang a sign
Because climbing
Is finally hopeless,
Playing the piano
Is finally hopeless,
Picking a flower
Is all we can ask for
So I stand
And open the screen
My chest rising
To the occasion
Of blue


Tom Rechtin is a poet-lawyer (but mostly a poet) who lives in Fort Myers, Florida with his wife, two kiddies and cat named after Frieda Kahlo’s worser half.


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