Adrian Manning, Leicester UK Poet


home late last night
my wife and kids asleep
house in darkness

strange taste in my mouth
metallic, silver and glistening

I spit out the taste
into the pure white bowl a
nd it’s blood, red not silver
but glistening still

I think this is it I am going to die
alone in a bathroom
continually spitting blood
I’d wake my wife
but she would kill me

by the morning I will be gone
and I wonder if I told her
I loved her today

then I realise it’s my tongue
maybe I cut it with sharp
words earlier spoken
or the beer glass was broken

I am not going to die
I will sleep with a mouth full
of blood
and wake to a new dawn

I think I’m good with that
and I’ll remember to tell
my wife I love her
and I’ll mean it
as if it’s written in



Adrian Manning lives in Leicester, and you can get his collab with John Dorsey THESE DAYS, DAYS LIKE THIS with cover illus. by Henry Denander-and read it!.