Ajise Vincent Lagos, Nigeria poet


I wish I was Mozart,
Playing the piano with great tart
Cum coordinating an orchestra of the art
Till my name is heard in all paths.

Can I not be an activist?
Blaring my voice like a moralist,
Fighting for the weak and least,
Until our leaders hear my says in the east.

What of a regal dame?
Who hombres spur her emotional frame
With sweet words of tame
Just to propel their virile fame.

Could I not be English?
Or even Polish,
Intonating words of Argo that’s rich
Like a grammarian. I wish.

But lo! I am just Vincent
The acclaimed saint
Though I have no cent
I’m still a lovely gent.

( published previously at Tuck Magazine)

Ajise Vincent has been through the turmoil, love and anomalies of this world. He derives utility from the smell of coffee, the erraticism of nature & the dynamism of solitude. His works have been published in various literary outlets. He writes from Lagos, Nigeria.