Christina Quinn Fort Pierce, FL poet


i cant remember the last time we made love
or who was doing who
a favor
it felt rotational like the large hand of a clock close to midnight
look now it’s 11:56
then we 11:57ed & 11:58ed
until the siss bang boom of the midnight hour
i should have appreciated more

it has to have been 18 months
wouldn’t you say
although i think you don’t/can’t remember such things as
busy as you are in sobriety & blessedness
oh & cooking
while i have nothing to occupy my mind but memories

the time we pulled over on artsmith trail
in broad daylight
front seats collapsed
people walking their dogs a few yards from our breathless sex
oh that’s right
you dont remember those drunken fumblings in unzippered pants
now a zipped up memory
you are recovered
while i am uncovered
naked in want
like an alcoholism of lust

I 3
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“I” from I Hate Love series, one drawing per letter of the series name. Bree 2016


Christina Quinn lives in Fort Pierce, Florida. She paints, writes, travels and loves broccoli… check out some of her art.

Bree edits Least Bittern Books and Green Panda Press, aspires to draw well and has written books of poetry for miles.