Daniel Thompson Cleveland, OH 1935-2004

Tears of Jesus

After the mayoral
Sweep of the homeless
From the streets into jail
Jesus wept.
The mayor then ordered
The tears to be swept away, too
The tears of Jesus are bad for business
During the Christmas rush
I mean, come on, said the mayor to Jesus
Don’t be such a big baby

From 1992 – 2004 Daniel Thompson served as Poet Laureate of Cuyahoga County, OH. He created events such a Junkstock, an annual poetry and music party in a Cleveland junkyard, and hosted many poetry events and reads. Preferring live words to endeavoring to be published, he had just a few books, among them Famous in the Neighborhood (Bottom Dog) and The Rain Poet (Green Panda). Former presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich wrote upon the poet’s death,  “Through his words as a poet and his deeds as a tireless advocate for the homeless, the hungry, and people on the streets, Daniel Thompson set an example for his community.”

jesusbaby(portrait by Bree 2014)