George Wallace Huntington, NY


there are 1,000 ways to kiss a man

you kiss like a rescue dog your eyes look past me
into the animal void your lips are resentful your
teeth will not let go hey why did you bite me & twist
my nipple like that your swollen tongue your mouth
too wide you got a snarling set of tonsils baby
hard as a park bench yes you could start a fire
with that mouth of yours in a thrift shop in a
dump truck in an ashcan you’re a string of firecrackers
you pretty kissing suborbital vixen there are
1,000 ways to kiss a man and that is not
one of them when you kiss it feels
like a cruel prison at the gate of paradise

George Wallace is author of 28 chapbooks, writer in residence at the Walt Whitman Birthplace and co-editor of Great Weather for Media, and a sunovabitch. He lives and works in the NYC metropolitan area.