Kathy Smith Cleveland, OH Poet

Men as beautiful as women
Flash of earring, hair straight as
train rail, reality of an individual’s hand
musing a feather like a fan dance by Martha Graham
entree to walk in the secret garden
of thought, love quest echoing
in canyons, mind calling soul

Some people call it the happiest place on earth,
those who lived in Paradise Valley, Yamosöpö tuviwarai,
before clash of Paiute and Spanish, slave traffic
melding into the fusion of their children
like sand falling from story-telling hands
strange comfort of syncretism
over centuries


Kathy Smith is a beekeeper and honeycomber, poet and artist in Cleveland, OH.

Bree’s drawing is an abstraction.

Kathy Smith Cleveland, OH


We have crossed many rivers
but anywhere a mother’s touch, anywhere
family there is common ground, home and warmth
couches around the family table, nakfa for coffee, nakfa
for tea, coca cola for the ceremony of meals yielded from
work and harvest, bright smiles and shared plates,
same needs, same needs

~ Lady

Kathy Smith aka Lady K or simply Lady is a Cleveland poet and artist highly interested in the workings of and support for our bees. She edits The City poetry mag online and has edited print journals as well, including the last edition of ArtCrimes, and Wendy Shaffer’s “22 Years” which you can find here.