Ken Allan Dronsfield OK poet

Quiet Time

Wing beats echo across the stillness at the pond;
stirring mixed passions as summer fades away.
A warmer sun greeted me …a cherished bond:
but now the crispy mists are there to start my day.

Many trees blossom with colorful flowers of Fall,
we watch them slowly glide to the ground;
squirrels now scurry along the old stone wall;
stashing their acorns for winter all ’round.

Looking to the west I see the wood smoke rise;
from cabins on the hill so wondrously sublime.
The North brings the Geese flying high in the skies.
Yes, Autumn resets her clock, it’s now ‘Quiet Time’.



Ken Allan Dronsfield is a Published Poet/Author originally from Hampton New Hampshire and now resides in Oklahoma. He has been writing for many years and has only recently decided to seek publishing of his work.