Rene Depestre France

Sunny April Fool’s Dax Hoax

Place a pair of red fish
in my bowl of anguish:
this aquatic couple will keep good company
with that old veteran of my exile,
crowned king of my regrets.
Pour some of that jolly Corbières wine
to that old thirst of mine: my love for the world.
The weeping actor emerges unharmed
from the disasters along his Cuban journey
far from all the troubles of his adopted homeland, face to face
with the deserted room of his ideals.

Rene Depestre was born in Haiti, exiled to Cuba, wrote lots of poems in the slammer and now lives in France. His phenomenal work “Rainbow for the Christian West,” among others may be at your local library–check it out! He is a novelist as well as poet. The former Communist activist is kickin it at 88 yrs of age.