rjs Burton, OH

cant u see he sed
that its realli a dog eat dog whirl(d)
and that power is where its at
and that its wat u want too
and u wont let aniOne stop u

and cant u see he sed
that u gotta take wat u can
and fuk the other guy
unless u can use him fry r game
or get sumthin out of him

and cant u see he sed
that u gotta play the games
& be veri strong
‘cause its survival of the fittest
& the weak will die out

and cant u see he sed
that evriOne is doin it
& theyre all tryin to use u
& u cant let people push u
‘cause soon theyll destroy u

and cant u see he sed
that if u want to do yr thing
u hafta defend it
& tri to make others understand it
& fite fr it wet u hafta
‘cause thats the way it is

but cant u see i sd
cant u see
that it doesnt realli matter
cant u see?

from ‘the result is always
circular’ orignlly pblshd in 250 copies
august 1967 Ghost Press Cleveland

rjs is a poet and publisher who printed poetry and art books during the mimeo revolution of the 1960s in Cleveland, OH. Green Panda Press recently made a book of the title poem from ‘the result is always singular’ and will be reprinting the book in its entirety Autumn 2015. He resides at the cat house in Burton, OH and puts out a weekly digest of economical, ecological and political news which piques and or disgusts readers.