Steve Klepetar Saint Cloud, MN Poet

The Hammers of Justice

All night I hear the hammers of justice.
They sound no different from hammers

crashing into nails, only a little different
from thin ones tapping against diamond

walls of glass. White noise when you think
about it, like four games of basketball

with pounding and whistles and parents
screeching at refs, not at all like the karate

class next door with its rhythmic steps
and grunts, boards splintering, bodies thudding

to the mats or bugling jays desperate to mate,
chasing squirrels from feeders in the greening yard.

Steve Klepetar’s new poetry collection Speaking to the Field Mice has been published by Sweatshoppe Publications. The collection contains 78 poems, nearly half of which have been written during Steve’s sabbatical.