Poets in the Pond: Least Bittern Books Anthology

Poets in the Pond is a supreme collection of poetry by Mary E. Weems, Prerna Bakshi, Tom Kryss, John Swain, Bree, Tiffany Tavella, Katie Curtz, Paul Corman-Roberts, Joseph M. Farley, Rob Dakin & William Taylor Jr.

These poets voices are what set the bar for poetry being submitted to Least Bit.

A collage portrait of each poet emerging from a pond precedes their work in the book.
It is a 6×9 100-page trade paperback, and will be available on Kindle as well (for 2$).


This is the first Least Bit anthology. Poets who are turned on by the work they find inside are encouraged to send their own best work anytime to leastbitternbooks@gmail.com

order at link above, or send $14 cash/check to Bree 147 Marcus St. #4 Pleasureville, KY 40057

Tiffany Tavella Philly, PA

To the Birthday Worm that Crawled out of Your Cake

You sparked a conversation
that would last for
more than three hours, and
six glasses of wine later
we’d just get to mocking
Jacques Cousteau, and perhaps
your favorite composer.
And he’d say,
“Life is a lot like swimming.”
“Like swimming?”
“Like swimming. You can never stop
flailing your arms or else
you’ll miss the boat.”

Tiffany Tavella lives and writes in Philadelphia, PA.