Tim Murray Valparaiso, IN poet

tim murray asemic


I went for a walk in the forest
the forest was made of trees all branchy
and leafy and the dirt trails had bunny
footprints on ’em or maybe they
was squirrel or opossum or raccoon tracks
or maybe all the tracks were from
different animals like deer hooves
although most people don’t know that deers
are actually classified as vegetables in natural
science circles due to some obscure
cellular bacilli that deers share with turnips
or celery or whatever the heck but
then of course all the leaves start changing
and they go from green to yellow to bright
orange and then all crumbly brown like a paper sack
but more crumbly than that and you sit on the nice
warm dryer in your grandma’s utility room and
stare out the back window at a burly old oak tree
with its cold bare branches illuminated in the
streetlight across the gravel alley and you become
sad for some reason as the last smear of rusty
sunlight slips away into the darkness of another
Midwestern autumn



Tim Murray is a poet and artist (image above created on Drawing Desk) , and father of many small children. He lives and plays in woods behind Valparaiso, IN.