Least Bittern Books is an inlet for the very small poetry press. It is online and produces tactile, hand-made books and ephemera. Artists included among the talent. Authors alive and deceased. And if if if it aint poesy we still might print, so why not try? Always seeking new voices. How do you know if your words might fit? Strong voices and immaculately (or cleverly at least) (or sweetly) but in all, well-articulated points of view. The least discrepancies the better. Please tell yr artist friends, too.

Join the chorus: SUBMIT a few poems by email to Put ‘Least Bit’ as a Subject. Include your snail mail, this is the most important of all guidelines, so dont forget! Word documents are helpful. Email sometimes distorts format.

Insults, Inquiries, $$$ to: Least Bittern 147 Marcus Street Pleasureville, KY 40057  or via paypal to

what will become of your poems? up to Lil Bit, but they will be either online or in a hand-made little. if they speak to me in bold letters, chaps or even perf-bnds are a possibility. lemme get to know ye.

previously publshd is ok, i like that, actually, for familiarity breeds, and the audience may just like u better after a second or fifteenth read. —Lil Bit

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