Poets in the Pond: Least Bittern Books Anthology

Poets in the Pond is a supreme collection of poetry by Mary E. Weems, Prerna Bakshi, Tom Kryss, John Swain, Bree, Tiffany Tavella, Katie Curtz, Paul Corman-Roberts, Joseph M. Farley, Rob Dakin & William Taylor Jr.

These poets voices are what set the bar for poetry being submitted to Least Bit.

A collage portrait of each poet emerging from a pond precedes their work in the book.
It is a 6×9 100-page trade paperback, and will be available on Kindle as well (for 2$).


This is the first Least Bit anthology. Poets who are turned on by the work they find inside are encouraged to send their own best work anytime to leastbitternbooks@gmail.com

order at link above, or send $14 cash/check to Bree 147 Marcus St. #4 Pleasureville, KY 40057

Katy Curtz Graham, MA poet

I will be honest now

There were three shoes on the corner of ice and wry.
One had hammered copper heels the shape of summer.
One had such big hips I nearly bumped off the mailman.
Really what I wanted to say darling was nothing at all
Happened today. I thought of when you were young and
Frightening, with blue eyes I had no reason to look much
Into. Your hand never sweats, I should know, you have
Held mine in it while you licked ice shavings from
The shelf of innocence or sniffed the wood siding. Your
Hand is closed in a fist on the placemat. You have not
Picked up your fork yet. If you looked in my
Eyes right now they would cash a cheque.



I will lie if I must
A scape of sand and cake full of lizards
And dying stuff had cacti the size of camels
And camels the size of factories and I still
Smelled your neck. Are you at the filling station?
With a look on your face like doing crossword
puzzles? Are you at the hotel leant back?
Into the greased headboard like it was
Baby’s breath? Let me breathe once
More. I don’t care if we both get arrested.
Your arms, my nose–nobody will be able
To tell which! Those hares had been
Shadows in a rough sketch. Why then
Shouldn’t we?



Katy Curtz is a Mass author with essays published in small mags like Brick Wall, Gorget, Dress Shirt and others like them. She began writing poetry in 2013.