Phil Maguire Hummelstown, PA poet

December Failings

While night throbbed
Confusion wove a
Tattered shawl for
My sad shoulders as
Some lonely sorrow
Sifted down from the
Dark December sky

From under the
Leaves of night
Silence seeped deep
Between unsaid
Unheard words
And within the
Walls of wind
Failings fluttered

Mid-Winter Words

Down where the willows weep
and Birches whiten woods
a scabbed Sycamore stood
beneath a liquid linen sky

Wood smoke spiced iced air
and frozen sunlight frescoed
frigid brick facades as
shredded snow frothed from
raw-cotton clouds while
white winds whispered
mid-Winter words


Phil Maguire is a poet and doctor in Hummelstown, PA.